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Our People


Alix Bethbeze
Procurement & Purchasing

Focusing on inventory and compliance Alix runs an incredibly tight ship, managing future shipments and liaising with all of our suppliers. Born and bred in Paris she has lived, worked and travelled all over the world.

elizabeth casaus
head of sales

Elizabeth has been working in the Food & Beverage industry in New York City since 2007. Her passion for specialty coffee and tea is the reason she gets up in the morning. She's a pitbull lover and avid gardener.


Zac is inspired by the hospitality scene, having spent a number of years as a barista in Melbourne. He loves watching innovative ideas and businesses grow and is the brand ambassador for our newly launched ice tea.


Solinna oversees the warehouse for Australia and Pacific ensuring proper stock management and on time order fulfillment. She is a mother to a beautiful family.

rochelle juriansz
customer service

Rochelle is in charge of our Office Management, Customer Service and Technology.In the office she's our resident DJ and keeps the mood right for a fun working day.

may khov
tea & herb blending

May is meticulous and incredibly focused when it comes to blending and packing our beverages. Our consistent quality is a testament to how she prioritises each batch.

breeze hyland

Breeze runs our budgets, financial compliance and cash flower management. She is our longest team member and is most famous for her long lunches where she will spend an entire day preparing and feeding us fresh food from her garden.

nathan wakeford

As the Sales Director for USA, Nathan is responsible for Somage's strategic vision, sales management and the international specialty tea programs. Heis motivated by the wellbeing of people, communities and our planet.

ben kelly
strategy & projects

Ben oversees special projects and the strategic direction of Somage. His background is in hospitality, supply chain management and farming. Ben kicked the whole thing off with Nathan 12 years ago.