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Bulk Buying Process

Importing quality tea, herbs and spices needs a reliable partner to ensure quality and international compliance is upheld to the highest standards. For the last decade, the Raw Goods team has been buying and tasting ingredients from plantations all over the world and what we've discovered is that there is no substitute for knowledge of the industry. We have taken out all the difficulty of importing premium ingredients and have the processes and integrated risk management strategies in place to offer you a seamless purchase. 


The following 8 steps ensure a successful bulk buying experience:



Use the bulk quantity tiered pricing table to determine the price on the website. All prices quoted are EX WORKS Colombo. Raw Goods has experienced logistics partners and can organise shipping for you if required. Shipping quotes are an additional charge to prices listed.  


2. SAMPLE (10 - 14 days)

Raw Goods can offer a pre-shipment sample (PSS) to ensure you are getting what you are paying for. PSS will be available for despatch within 10-14 days. 



Buyer must approve the sample by sending an email to



Payment must be made in full before production commences. Payment is made via the website. Please note: Freight (if required) is an additional charge and and full payment must be made before despatch.


5. ARRANGE ORDER (21-30 days)

Raw Goods then prepares your order, performs QC checks and down packs. At the same time, the buyer needs to have secured shipping so that their order can be packed and loaded for transport seamlessly. If buyer requires Raw Goods to organise shipping an additional charge will be incurred which must be paid before goods leave port.


6. DOCUMENTATION (10-14 days)

Raw Goods will provide the following documentation for each sales order:

- Certificate of Origin

- Phyto Sanitary

- Organic Transaction Certificate 

- Packing List

- Commercial Invoice


7. SHIPPING (14 - 45 days)

Shipment to your destination can take anywhere from two  to eight weeks depending on where you are located. Once your consignment arrives at your port it takes approximately 1 week to clear customs.



The importer takes ownership of the shipped product. Transaction is complete and your goods can be delivered to the your warehouse.