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Meet the Team

We are passionate about amazing food, 
wonderful people from all over this earth,
and beautiful nature. 

We love nothing more than getting together for a big communal meal, a giggle and a chinwag.
So pull up a chair and meet the Raw Goods family! 

Alix Bethbeze
Procurement Manager

First up, take a seat next to Alix - our multilingual, multi-talented procurement and purchasing superstar! 
Alix is an absolute legend within her field - she runs an incredibly tight ship, managing compliance and inventory, as well as liaising with all of our suppliers. Basically, she does everything she can to ensure that, when it comes to supplying you (our wonderful customers) with the highest-quality herbs and spices, we've got it 100% covered! We'd truly be lost without her. 

Born and bred in Paris (which you would guess easily from her impossibly chic outfits, beautiful accent and - of course - her appreciation for the perfect pain au chocolat), Alix has lived, worked and travelled all over the world, and brings a wealth of world-knowledge, rock-solid experience and fascinating stories to Raw Goods. 

Her love and appreciation of different cultures and people from all over our amazing planet, as well as her ridiculous knowledge of history and world affairs - yep, this girl is whip-smart! - mean that the conversation here is always stimulating and fascinating.  Don't sweat it though - Alix will rarely allow things to get too serious; 
her completely bonkers sense of humour and love of practical jokes, as well as her energy, warmth and vibrance will instantly lighten up any situation. 

Wondering which glass of wine will work best with your Coq au Vin? Alix is your girl! She knows her stuff and will only recommend the best. 

If Alix were a herb or spice: Chilli Whole
Asha Carslaw-Maher

Musical chairs - it's time to swap seats! And hey, look - you've landed next to Asha, our Admin & Copywriting gal! (Yes, Asha is writing this right now; no, Asha does not make a habit of writing about herself in the third person.)

Our resident Steiner-educated girl (doesn't every office need one?), Asha is a passionate musician and writer who relishes in thinking outside the box. On top of getting creative, Asha's big loves include engaging with her fellow humans, laughing a lot, learning (in particular about social issues), animal welfare, exploring the outdoors, dreaming about our planet and its infinite possibilities, and - a big must for any administrator - being organised! 

Asha's other major interest in life is delicious vegan food. Obsessed with weird and wonderful flavours and condiments from a young age (and known for carrying a range of sauces in her handbag), her fascination and adoration for the wonderful variety of tastes and experiences available to us in this world makes her the perfect choice to write about the incredible ingredients and products in the Raw Goods collection (if she does say so herself). 

If Asha were a herb or spice: Wormwood
Rochelle Juriansz
Office & HR Manager

Time to move seats again... and look at this ray of sunshine you've found yourself next to! With the most infectious smile and radiant energy, Rochelle truly is our rock. 
There's a reason that, within the Raw Goods team, Rochelle is known as "The Fixer". If you have a problem, who you gonna call? Rochelle - literally! 
Every one of us calls out her name all day long (the poor thing)... "Rochhheeellee??!" 
This might drive some people crazy (especially as we all have quite loud voices), but Rochelle handles every incoming query with grace, intelligence and a huge smile! 
(She is the queen of multi-tasking too, which helps!) 

Whilst Rochelle has a hand in fixing all of our problems, in her official capacity she is in charge of our Office Management, Systems, Customer Service and Administration departments. Her eye for detail is unparalleled - she never misses a beat! - and the amount of work she puts in behind the scenes to ensure 
 Raw Goods runs smoothly, as well as her commitment to excellence, is truly inspiring to us all. 

Not only are her problem-solving abilities world-class, but Rochelle has a background in nutrition, as well as a super-refined palette. True to her Sri Lankan roots, Rochelle knows a thing or two about a wide range of spices and ingredients. This combination of knowledge and talent not only makes her a big-time foodie, but also a trustworthy and useful source of wisdom at Raw Goods; she provides wonderful guidance to ensure we are bringing you only the best products and ingredients.  

In the office, she's our resident DJ and keeps the tunes going all day long, providing the soundtrack to our working day. Her love of Snoop Dogg and old school hip-hop/R&B is massive, as are her dancing skills (her tap dancing abilities are the stuff of legend, although she's yet to demonstrate them for us, despite our constant pleas!).  

If Rochelle were a herb or spice: Calendula Flowers

Benjamin Kelly

Operations & Logistics

Ah, next up you're greeted by the smiley and wonderful Mr. Ben Kelly! Being that Ben is blessed with the gift of the gab, you're in for a treat of a conversation here and no mistake. 

Ben is a unique, clever and cheerful soul, who brings his extensive supply chain expertise to Raw Goods. His 10 years + experience in operations, logistics, farming and business ownership are undoubtedly one the key factors that sets Raw Goods apart. He won't admit it (he's way too modest), but he's also a man of vision with a natural gift for strategy - not to mention a heart of gold. 

Ben's background, naturally, extends to 
hospo (translation for the non-Aussies: "the hospitality industry"). Ben has a plethora of experience in wine (just ask him about his good ol' sommelier days at the Connaught), coffee, tea and food. His passion for all of these things remains strong and Ben is a major source of knowledge on all things wining-and-dining-related. He's also the number one office superstar when it comes to coffee (only the best) and lunch (ditto) runs... yep, he's a true legend.

Despite Ben's love of inner city life, he's a country boy at heart. Having grown up on a farm near Warnambool, Ben's got farming in his DNA. Which just possibly means that - despite his typical Melbourne uniform of all-black - there's really a man wearing a flannellette shirt inside him somewhere. Cool! 

If Ben were a herb or spice: Ginger
Breeze Hyland

A burst of vibrant colour catches your eye - it's immediately apparent that this gal's got style in spades. That's right - you now find yourself next to our brilliant bookkeeper: Breeze! 

As her name suggests, Breezy's personality is akin to a summer breeze - with her warm and sunny disposition, our beloved accounts whizz is total delight. 
This effervescent marvel has a serious side though - "She Who Must Be Obeyed" is our finance boss who keeps us all in line by managing our budgets, cash flow, management reports, paying the bills, and ensuring that Raw Goods is on the path to growth and longevity (so we can continue on our mission of supplying you with only the best ingredients!). 

Hailing from beautiful Vietnam, Breeze knows and loves her Southeast Asian cuisine and is our go-to source for Vietnamese restaurant recommendations (lucky for us, Melbourne has some of the best). She also has an amazing organic veggie garden at home, and is known for bringing in huge - we mean, huuuuge - amounts of lettuce, parsley and other delicious green goodies for us to take home. They work so well with some of our favourite herbs and spices! 

A real social butterfly, Breezy somehow manages to keep up an incredibly active social life whilst working around the clock: we don't know how she finds the energy, but we're so grateful that she does. We love our Breeze! 

If Breeze were a herb or spice: Hibiscus Flowers

Michaela Carter
Customer Service

Last time moving seats - and lucky you has landed next to our Customer Service queen, the wonderful Michaela! 
Get ready - you are about to laugh until your insides hurt. (I hope you haven't eaten too much, that could be uncomfortable.) 

A true customer-favourite, Michaela is truly the life and soul of the party (and the office), with her hilarious one-liners keeping us (and our customers) in stitches all day long. Michaela's amazing bubbly nature and love for people, combined with her innate abilities for helping others, means she is an absolute whizz at ensuring the Raw Goods customer experience is top-notch. This is one wonderkid who will always go above and beyond to provide the best service possible.

On top of her amazing people skills, Michaela is a passionate volunteer across so many levels of community (both at a local and international level). She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sustainability and Development, and has intentions of pursuing a PhD focusing on environment politics and First Nations communities in the future. She has worked on some wonderful initiatives with community groups and organisations (including the Equality, Sustainbility and Peace Collective at LaTrobe Univeristy, as well as Oxfam). She also spent 3 months living and working in Nepal in 2015 and will be spending time studying in Portland, Oregon in 2017. 

All this - and she's an absolute genius at composting! I mean, seriously - what a gem, eh?! 

If Michaela were a herb or spice: Lemon Myrtle