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Origin Taiwan


The history and culture of Taiwanese tea began more than 200 years ago, when tea trees were brought over from Fujian Province, China. Now famous in particular for its oolong teas, Taiwan is also popular with its black, green and white teas.

Ali Shan Alishan Oolongs use qingxin oolong, are produced in Jiayi Country of Taiwan, with the name Alishan given to 18 hills in the mountain range, with elevation ranging between 950 -1400 meters. Flavours are typically sweet, mellow, floral, the liquor bright yellowy Green.

Li Shan (Pear Mountain): Li Shan is part of the Jade mountain range located in Taichung County. Li Shan is the highest tea-growing region in Taiwan, with tea plantations located between 1800 meters and 2650 meters. These high altitudes provide a low temperature year-round but produce only two tea harvests per year.

Wu LingAlso located in Taichung county on Pear Mountain, Wu Ling produces high mountain (1800 - 2000 meters) character with an average annual temperature of around 20 degree Celsius with clouds and fog present year-round. Wu Ling offers 3 harvests per year.

Shan Ling Shi Shan Ling Xi is located in Nantou county, with elevations ranging from 1600-1900 meters. This high elevation provides cool growing conditions that produce smooth slightly floral teas with a slight buttery quality.

LuguLocated in the southwest of Nantou County, Lugu is famous for the production of Dong Ding Oolong. Dongding Oolong (Frozen Summit) is named after Dongding Village, home of the original Oolong planted in 1855 by Lin Feng Chi who sourced them from the Wuyi Mountains of China.

Pinglin Pinglin District is the northern most tea producing region of Taiwan. With lower altitude mountains, Pinglin is best known for the production of Baozhong Oolong tea, which offers rich, buttery favours.

Miaoli Located in the north, Miaoli’s warm climate and lower elevation (600 meters) offer perfect growing conditions for the production of Bai Hao oolong tea (also known as Oriental Beauty), which is a more heavily oxidized oolong intentionally eaten by a tea insect to produce a tea with sweet honey like flavours.

Sun Moon Lake/Nantou County is a region famous for the production of black tea. In a bid to compete with the market dominance of Indian black teas, Taiwanese black tea was produced from tea plants sourced from Assam, India. The cost of producing black tea in Taiwan was too high to compete on the world market, yet a small amount of very good quality black tea is still produced for primarily local consumption.

Da Yu Ling Da Yu Ling Oolong is grown in the Taiwan Acacia Hill area , located in at the intersection of the Nantou, Taichung and Hualien counties at a typical elevation of 2100 meters, the highest of Taiwan’s oolong tea producing areas. The Da Yu ling offers low temperature and high mountain character with typically a single harvest annually.