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Our Story

Raw Goods is an accumulation of more than 10 years of expertise and passion, built on our team's shared life experiences in farming, nutrition, travel, supply chain, exploration, logistics, hospitality and - of course - sourcing the world's best ingredients. Our endless pursuit of excellence has taken us to many incredible places on this planet and - finally - it has brought us all together, right here at Raw Goods. 

We believe in connecting farmers from all over the world to our planet's cities and the future of living. We aim to do this via an e-commerce ordering platform which integrates technology using sophisticated supply chain and inventory management systems. 

The result - Raw Goods - means that we can source the best ingredients, work in harmony with our suppliers, provide an excellent and easy-to-use experience for our customers and - of course - look to the future, ensuring we are continuing in the time-honoured tradition of working with herbs and spices for many happy years to come. 

Why Raw Goods?

Raw Goods was inspired by our intention to source great tasting and authentic ingredients that are true to nature. Through extensive travels to organic and wild grown farms throughout the world, we discovered that the best quality crops grow in harmony with nature. Raw Goods represents the fruits of our efforts, a range of high quality ingredients that are superior in character and flavour, and naturally free from genetic and chemical adulteration.

Our Promise to You

Our commitment to product quality, ethical trade practices, and giving back to the communities of our suppliers, is inherent in all we do. As a team, we are united in our limitless passion and respect for the people and flora of our planet. We are guided by these principles, as well as our belief that business and nature should always exist in harmony with one another.