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Tea and Food



Tea leaves contain tannins which also exist in grapes, providing that complex, tart, astringent taste that can be matched with food. Intensity can range from light to full bodied; white and green teas contain few tannins, black teas have the highest concentration and oolongs fall in the mid-range.

Like wine, tea leaves contain tannins which provide the complex astringency that matches with food.

Balance the body of the tea with the dish. Intensity can range from light, medium to full bodied.

Tea can be consumed from 2 - 99 degrees and this can have a dramatic effect on food for it's melting, palate cleansing and flavour enhancing capabilities.

Tea will not leave you bloated and is a wonderful way to relieve rich food or finish a meal to aid in digestion.

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Oolong & Cheese


Most popular tea purchased by chefs & sommeliers

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